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What Items Cannot Go in a Dumpster

What Items Cannot Go in a Dumpster - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

When it comes to trash, there’s one important thing homeowners and business owners should keep in mind: garbage and junk need proper segregation. Though they are meant to be disposed of and eliminated, doing so has to be guided by what can and cannot be put in a dumpster. Safety hazards and local regulations provide a clear list of such things. However, this blog has been created to give you an overview.

Restricted Items

Adhesives Items - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Adhesives – this includes epoxy and glue that can be loose and cause damage to the container. When leaked, adhesives can make other items in the dumpster stick together, making it hard to remove them from the container.

Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL - Car batteries

· Car batteries – this type of battery, like lithium, contain harmful chemicals that can leak inside the dumpster. Instead of putting them in your roll-off container, try going to a local recycler or an auto shop to let them make use of it. Other lithium batteries, such as those found in laptops, can be recycled by many electronics retailers.

Fluorescent light bulbs - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Fluorescent light bulbs – a small amount of mercury is contained in light bulbs. Various areas restrict these items from being included in a dumpster, including California, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Washington.

· Food waste – you may choose to send your food wastes to a local composting center or use a municipal trash service to dispose of it. This type of waste is prohibited from dumpsters as it attracts rodents, makes a mess in the container, and leaves a nasty smell.

Freon  - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Freon – appliances with Freon are usually picked up by local sanitation departments during their bulk debris pickup schedule. The Freon must be removed first by a professional before any junk containing it can be loaded up in a dumpster.

Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL -  Tires

· Tires – this type of trash doesn’t decompose easily and often traps gases. Thus, many landfills reject them. It’s best to dispose of tires by contacting your local municipality or an auto parts store.

Inks and resins  -  Dumpster Rental Fortmyers, L

· Inks and resins – contacting a recycling center or a retailer that offers a drop-off service is best done for disposing of this kind of trash. Inks and resins often leave stains and cause damage to equipment in the interior of the container.

Household cleaners  - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers

· Household cleaners – proper disposal of chemical containers or solvents used in cleaning your home should be thrown empty in an empty dumpster after being rinsed out thoroughly.

Paint and lacquers  - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Paint and lacquers – some municipalities accept dry latex paint sealed cans as long as they are wrapped in a plastic bag. However, in most cases, full or partially full wet paint cannot go in a dumpster. This also includes items like paint thinner, wood stains, and lacquers.

Hazardous Waste

Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL - Corrosive wastes

· Corrosive wastes – throwing these out improperly can cause a serious threat to humans, marine life, and the metal containers themselves. They can contaminate the groundwater and thus, bring danger to marine creatures.

Reactive wastes - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Reactive wastes – this type of waste is unstable in normal environments that might explode under regular pressure. The heat of a landfill or garbage truck can increase the chance for this waste to explode and release fumes. It can cause serious harm by burning your eyes, nose, throat, and more.

Toxic wastes - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Toxic wastes – exposure or ingestion of this type of waste is dangerous and can be lethal. Local ecosystems, watersheds, skin irritation, respiratory troubles, and other problems may occur if toxic wastes are included in your dumpster.

Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL - Hazardous or Infectious Wastes

· Bio-hazardous or Infectious Wastes – this includes blood and other substances like animal body parts, bodily fluids, and animal wastes. They need special attention upon disposal.

Flammable or ignitable wastes - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

· Flammable or ignitable wastes – the risk of fire and explosions is why this trash is rejected from roll-off containers. They easily start a fire and can quickly intensify an existing one. Even just a small spark or a lit cigarette can trigger an explosion in just a few minutes.

Who to Ask When In Doubt

Who to Ask When In Doubt - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

The simple act of separating the recyclables from the non-recyclables can truly go a long way. Imagine a world with a bulk of mixed trash, including explosive items. Rather than put anyone’s life in danger, call a professional dumpster rental company.

Dumpster Rental Fort Myers offers services that are reliable and eco-friendly. We know the state and local regulations, making our services safe and secure. Select from a wide range of dumpster sizes available for you anytime. For a minor cleanup project or even for a major junk removal service, we are here to assist!

We provide residential and commercial dumpster services that are suitable to your budget and needs. Contact us at 239-558-1794 today to get a free quote.

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