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How to Load a Dumpster Efficiently


Renting a dumpster can be very helpful to any homeowner or business owner who knows how to use it well. For both minor and major cleanup projects, having one of these containers on the stand-by outside is a big relief, especially if you know how to properly maximize the space inside. Just like any other dumpster rental service, there are also a variety of practices to do in order to effectively fill your roll-off container.

Tips on Loading a Dumpster Properly

With good planning comes better results. Therefore, if you want to see to it that you’re able to load your dumpster the right way, you should arm yourself with some tips on how to do it. Below are some of the things you should try.

1. Plan ahead

When you already have a schedule for the delivery of the dumpster, it is always best to plan how to put everything inside. Knowing the size of the roll-off container you have ordered you should be able to predict where and how to put each item properly.

2. Break the big ones into smaller pieces

If you have a mixture of big and small junk or waste to load, make it a point to break down the big ones such as foams, mattresses, drywall, and others into smaller pieces to ensure you are able to consume all the available space.

3. Flatten cartons and boxes

All boxes from your grocery or appliances must be flattened so they will not cause blockage to other items inside the dumpster. Use a box cutter to make it easier to flatten each box and carton.

4. Put the bulky items at the bottom

When loading up bulky things like old furniture, cabinet, or equipment, the bottom portion of the dumpster is the perfect place to put them. This way, you can use the top of the dumpster for lighter and smaller ones that are easier to arrange.

5. Fill in all the gaps

Don’t rush in filling the dumpster. Rather, take time to check for gaps, making sure all usable space is filled. Tables and chairs that will be thrown away have legs that might be filled with smaller wastes like foams and other things.

6. Balance the weight on each end of the dumpster

Distributing the weight of all your junk and waste in the dumpster guarantees to avoid the dumpster from falling off the truck. Also, by doing this, you can avoid accidents that can be dangerous for everyone involved in the loading and collection of the trash bin.

7. Avoid loading very high

Piling up the trash too high above the sidewall of the dumpster can lead to incidents of items flying out during transportation. Debris and smaller garbage can harm the people passing by when they accidentally fall off the truck while being transported.

The Best Dumpster Rental Service in Fort Myers

You will know that you did the right thing if you see all your trash getting loaded in just one dumpster. Sometimes, it’s not about the right size of your roll-off container; most of the time, it is also about how you maximize the space inside. Professionals at Dumpster Rental Fort Myers ensure excellent service not only in collecting your garbage but also in guaranteeing that you get the most out of the dumpster you rent. 

Before we leave your property, we’ll make sure that everything has been loaded in the dumpster and that it is filled properly. We are licensed and insured, and proud to serve our community systematically and efficiently. No matter how much junk and waste there is, our skilled crew is here to help. Call us at 239-558-1794 and choose from our wide selection of dumpsters. From heavy debris to major garage cleanups, we’ve got you covered!

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