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How to Recycle Properly

How to Recycle Properly - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL
Recycle Properly - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers FL

Recycling is the key to helping save our environment from pollution, floods, global warming, and other life-threatening events caused by nature. We’ve been recycling for a long time, and most of us know how important it is. Yet, doing it in the most effective and proper way is what most of us are missing.

How do you recycle properly to achieve better results in our environment? It’s not just simply being able to put trash into the different containers to say that you are sorting them properly. Recycling may be a piece of old news, but still, many of us need to know a few more things about doing it properly.

Things that Can Be Recycled

Things that Can Be Recycled - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

It all starts with knowing what to recycle and what can go in the recycling bin. Remember that not everything can be thrown away. Some trash can go into a dumpster, while others need to be disposed of in a special manner so as not to pollute or cause danger to people. To help you on that, below is a list of what cannot and can go in the recycling bin.


Recyclable - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers FL

1. Any type of paper like office paperwork, newspaper, and magazines

2. Juice and milk cartons

3. Cardboard

4. All plastic bottles and containers with marks

5. Steel

6. Glass bottles and jars that are brown, green, or clear


Non recyclable - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

1. Plastic bags or recyclables within a plastic bag

2. Bubble wrap

3. Polystyrene

4. Disposable coffee cups

5. Disposable diapers and nappies

6. Garden waste

7. Dead animals

8. Oils

9. Medical wastes such as syringes

10. Light bulbs and ceramics

Smarter Ways to Recycle

Smarter Ways to Recycle - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

Now that you are aware of the things that can and cannot go in a recycling bin, you may be curious about what comes next. The list below will tell you about the five other ways many people forget to perform when recycling at home.

1. Recycle plastic bags in a different way.

Recycle plastic bags in a different way - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

Putting your waste in a plastic bag has been the practice for everyone. However, this could be wrong and can even bring more risk to us and our environment. Instead of using plastic bags for collecting your wastes, recycle plastic bags separately from the rest of your wastes. Today most major stores offer a plastic bag recycling receptacle at the entrance for easy disposal of bags.

2. Avoid shredding papers.

Avoid shredding papers - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

Private documents should not be shredded before going into the trash as it could cause your waste not to be accepted by some garbage centers. Shredding of papers may be necessary sometimes but if not, try your best not to shred them. Papers that are left outside in the rain will be wet, causing it to lose its good quality and can no longer be recycled.

3. Compress the plastic bottles before putting the lids back on.

Compress the plastic bottles - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

A lot of questions arise about why bottle lids need to be removed before or when they are disposed of. One reason is that lids are made of polymer that melts when exposed to a higher temperature, and the second is that lids of air-filled bottles pop when mechanically compressed at high speed.

4. Keep everything in your trash clean.

Keep everything in your trash clean - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

Contamination of materials inside your small roll off container may occur if you let foods, dead animals, and other liquids go into your trash bin at home. In case you put materials with grease, other junk like newspapers and magazines may be contaminated and no longer suitable for recycling.

5. Learn about your local recycling guidelines.

Learn about your local recycling guidelines - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

Each state and city has its respective guidelines regarding the proper recycling of trash at home. Save more money and time by following the recycling rules in your area. Rather than just putting trash anywhere you like, reading such rules will be very insightful.

Dumpster Rental Services that Never Fails

Dumpster Rental Services that Never Fails - Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, FL

Maintaining a clean and green environment has always been a necessity. Since we share one planet and one environment, it is our great responsibility to take care of nature. To do so, one must start in his or her home. Having professional garbage associates to assist you in collecting your trash will make this seem easier and more effective.

Dumpster Rental Fort Myers offers ways to help you segregate your trash into recyclables and non-recyclables. They are well aware of the items that must be kept and should be thrown away already. In order to complete this task successfully, you’ll need to rent one of our roll off containers. You can choose from the small dumpster that measures 10 yards to the biggest trash bin, which is 40 yards in size.

Don’t make recycling complicated. With experts in garbage collection and recycling at Dumpster Rental Fort Myers, nothing can go wrong. We’ll ensure every single waste you have goes to their respective containers and is reused if possible. Give our team of friendly and hardworking associates a call at 239-558-1794 today.

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